Philippe-Pottier football stadium

Sustainable football lighting solution enables FC Monthey to meet national standards and save energy

With a history of football dating back to 1910, the Swiss club FC Monthey has had its fair share of sporting highs and lows. Today, to the delight of its fans and to enable the club to pursue its ambitions, the local authorities have installed new LED lighting that respects the requirements to play in the Swiss football premier division. 

In 2020, the city decided to upgrade the lighting on the club’s two football pitches as they were lit by floodlights that had been installed in the 1980s and 1990s and were consuming a lot of energy. 

The city wanted the new lighting to save energy, minimise light pollution off the pitch and respect the standards to host premier division matches. 

Sustainable football lighting solution 

After studying the grounds, we proposed a lighting design with 20 OMNIBLAST 3 LED floodlights to replace the 53 fixtures in place. Even with the significant lower number of floodlights, the new state-of-the-art sports lighting met all of the above objectives and has:

  • reduced energy costs by 66%;
  • increased uniformity:
  • improved the colour rendering;
  • enabled different lighting programmes for training and matches. 

Achieving national football lighting standards

The local authorities, club officials and fans are very pleased with the quality of the new lighting. Measurements carried out on the football pitch illustrate that the lighting complies with the national standards for premier division matches. 

Route du Stade


Monthey City Council
289 lux
ave illuminance
uniformity Emin/Eave
energy savings

The improved uniformity on the pitch ensures that both the players and the fans have excellent visibility for a fantastic matchday experience.