Valence d'Agen skate park

New LED lighting to meet the French Roller and Skateboard Federation’s regulations

Valence d'Agen is a town in the Tarn-et-Garonne department in the Midi-Pyrenees region. Nestled in superb countryside, the town places a strong focus on recreational outdoor infrastructure for inhabitants and tourists. It offers many sporting facilities including a skatepark, which is a renowned benchmark in the roller skating world as many champions have made their big break there. Indeed the 200 metre long granite track hosts many national competitions. 

Modern lighting for perfect visibility

As part of a redevelopment plan to modernise and enhance the facilities, the lighting for the roller stake track was replaced. The old fixtures fitted with traditional discharge lamps were consuming a lot of energy and required heavy maintenance. Moreover, the lighting was no longer providing the necessary levels to comply with the French Roller and Skateboard Federation’s regulations and consequently could no longer host any future competitions.

The OMNIBLAST was chosen to light the track as it fulfilled all the criteria. This modular floodlight is ideal for facilities that require flexibility. Thanks to high-performing LEDs and a strong design it consumes little energy and requires virtually zero maintenance. It guarantees the necessary light levels to meet RSMC standards and is compatible with UHD / HD / 4K broadcasts. The new lighting even opens up the possibility of hosting international competitions and giving the town more visibility worldwide. 

A total of 20 OMNIBLAST floodlights were installed on 10 masts. The total power of the installation is 34 kilowatts.

82 400
Valence d’Agen


Valence d'Agen Council


Installation: FAUCHE / ILLUMINES


with FFRS regulations

Lighting that adapts to events taking place

The floodlights are managed by a control system that can adapt the lighting levels to what exactly is needed. The floodlights are programmed to deliver: 

  • 250 lux for training sessions;
  • 500 lux for national competitions and 
  • 750 lux for international championships.

By adapting the light to the specific events taking place, the city will generate significant energy savings.

All of the stakeholders are delighted with the new lighting which has met their expectations. The new LED lighting has improved the visual comfort for the athletes and will provide the perfect conditions for competitions. Equally, it has reduced energy consumption and the facilities carbon footprint which is positive for the environment.