Aguas Vivas Tunnel

Smart lighting solution improves safety for drivers in this busy tunnel while generating significant savings for a lower carbon footprint

Tunnels play a vital role in an efficient and sustainable transport network as they help ease traffic congestion while preserving green spaces. Safety is paramount in tunnels and a good lighting solution ensures a secure and comfortable passage for all motorists.

With this in mind, the city of Guadalajara decided to replace the lighting in the Aguas Vivas Tunnel that had been installed to comply with an old regulation standard and needed to be upgraded.
A lot of vehicles pass through this 280m long bi-directional tunnel each day, as it links the old part of the city to the new, bringing dirt and pollution common to a tunnel environment.

The city authorities wanted a modern, energy-efficient solution with LED lighting that would guarantee the long-term performance required of luminaires in a demanding tunnel environment.
They opted for a lighting solution with the OMNIflood and OMNIstar luminaires controlled by the Advanced Tunnel System (ATS) from Phoenix Contact.

The OMNIflood, installed in bilateral lines on both sides of the tunnel, provides perfect visual guidance, excellent uniformity and visual comfort to maximise user safety. 

Given the traffic density in this tunnel, OMNIstar luminaires were installed for the boost lighting. They reinforce the white light for a good colour rendering and ensure an easy and comfortable transition in the critical threshold and exit zones.

All luminaires are controlled by the ATS, which adapts the light according to the ambient light levels outside the tunnel. It also monitors the power consumption and reports the burning hours and any failures to facilitate maintenance. Based on an open protocol, ATS can also interact with other tunnel equipment such as fire detection devices, traffic management systems or emergency services to programme responsive safety scenarios.

The city is delighted with the new solution that represents a leap forward in the capability and resilience of the lighting system. Indeed, it will not only benefit from the reduced operating costs generated by the LED luminaires but the ATS will improve the lighting system’s lifecycle and eliminate unnecessary operations, which will in turn reduce the tunnel’s overall carbon footprint.

Av. de Aguas Vivas 19180 Guadalajara