Mélèzes ice rink

OMNIBLAST delivers ice rink lighting for competitions and HDTV while reducing operating costs

Located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Mélèzes ice rink was built in 1953 and is a firm favourite with locals. Over the years, the arena has undergone several minor renovations to meet the expectations of the local hockey team, HCC (Hockey Club La Chaux-de-Fonds) and was due a major refurbishment in 2025. However, after an accident in early 2021, when a floodlight fell on the ice, the local authorities decided to replace the entire ice rink lighting installation without delay. 

The new lighting had to 

  • guarantee performance in the long term;
  • reduce operating costs;
  • be in line with the future vision of the ice rink. 

Indeed, the ice rink plays an important role in the social life of the city. Every year, in addition to the fans who come to cheer on the local hockey club who play in the Swiss National League, the rink welcomes more than 65,000 visitors. It is critical for the local authorities that the ice rink lighting not only meets their current needs but creates an attractive, state-of-the-art arena for the Neuchâtel canton.

LED lighting for competitions and HD TV

Given the ambitions, a switch to LED lighting was the obvious solution. The OMNIBLAST was ideal as it met all the requirements. 

A total of 38 OMNIBLAST 3 and 18 OMNIBLAST 2 were installed. They deliver 1,200 lux in vertical illuminance while minimising horizontal illuminance that could cause glare to meet the stringent requirements for competitions and HDTV broadcasting

The bright light of the LEDs has dramatically improved visibility as well, making the ice whiter and the puck stand out more so players and fans can easily track it. 

Sports lighting for all occasions 

The ice rink lighting is programmed for 3 different scenarios to ensure the ideal conditions for 

  • competitions when the matches are broadcast on television;
  • training and amateur matches;
  • recreational use when the ice rink is open to the general public. 

The floodlights were installed and configured in groups so that employees can easily switch the lighting from one set-up to the other and even control the floodlights individually. Equally, they can easily identify any defects or failures. 

Reduced operating costs

Thanks to these different scenarios, the floodlights deliver the right light while limiting energy consumption to what is really necessary, reducing costs for the city.

The long life of the LEDs and robust mechanical design of the OMNIBLAST guarantee performance for many years to come with virtually no maintenance needed, saving the local authorities time and more money. 

Players, fans, employees and the local authorities are already huge fans of the new ice rink lighting.

La Chaux-de-Fonds


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