Guadalajara sports facilities

Quality sports lighting solutions to improve playing conditions, extend usability and reduce costs

Guadalajara City Council has a significant number of sports facilities which are used for sports and recreational training and practise. They support the local clubs by providing accessible facilities,. 

Quality lighting is essential to ensure the comfort of the local community using the facilities when the sun sets, especially in the winter when the days are shorter. 

After receiving funding from the European FEDER programme, and in collaboration with the Servicios ESE (Energy Services Company), the council decided to upgrade the lighting in 12 of its sports facilities across the city. The new lighting had to

  • provide the correct lighting levels in accordance with the local standards, 
  • deliver an effective sports ground management and 
  • extend usability with high-quality conditions. 

A trusted sports lighting partner

The council entrusted us to deliver a high-quality lighting solution for all of the facilities, both indoor and outdoor. With a long experience in lighting sporting venues, we can deliver solutions that meet the specific needs of each facility, ensuring excellent conditions for practicing, coaching or watching a sport with a controlled use of light. 

Quality playing conditions 

The council wanted LED floodlights which are known for their high-quality, bright white light that guarantees perfect playing conditions for team members and fans. They asked us to design a lighting solution that would ensure an optimal setting with a particular attention to light spill outdoors, to maintain good relations with the local residents and protect the night sky. 



Guadalajara City Council


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energy savings

A money saving solution

An LED lighting solution would also enable the council to significantly reduce energy costs. Indeed, in addition to a low power consumption, LED technology eliminates the need to switch the floodlights on in advance, saving time and energy. 
Low maintenance requirements, thanks to the robust materials and long life span of the LEDs, would also reduce the number of interventions and costs.  

Winning solution for all

We delivered a total of 628 LED luminaires - a mixture of NEOS, OMNISTAR, OMNIBLAST and AXIA - to light the 12 facilities. Each luminaire meets the specific needs of the facility in terms of performance, efficiency, comfort and glare.

The council is delighted with the new lighting which has met all the requirements and reduces energy costs by 55%, while lighting the facilities for longer periods of time.  

The local clubs and players are enjoying the brighter and more pleasant facilities.