Castellón de la Plana lighting upgrade

Sustainable lighting creates a safer, more vibrant nocturnal environment, reducing the city’s energy costs and carbon footprint

Castellón de la Plana, located in the east of Spain, is known for its historic centre with over 200 sculptures, harbour and beaches that offer great facilities for bathing, relaxing and having fun on the coast. Thanks to a temperate climate and 300 days of sun per year, it can welcome visitors all year long.

The local authorities have been investing in the city for quite a few years to increase its attraction as a tourist destination. After receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the city decided to upgrade its public lighting network to improve its public realm and the quality of life for citizens so the city could grow and prosper.

Sustainable public lighting solutions

High-quality lighting makes a city more accessible during the hours of darkness and encourages a much higher number of people to use the city’s facilities and visit its attractions after nightfall. It was vital for the city to install aesthetic and environmentally responsible lighting solutions that would:

  • create quality public spaces;
  • minimise light pollution;
  • reduce its energy consumption and 
  • lower its carbon footprint.

The right luminaire for every area

They entrusted Schréder to draw up a holistic design solution with a variety of luminaires that would fit on the existing poles and enhance the different sites throughout the city. 

In total, we delivered 13,000 energy-efficient luminaires. The ZYLINDO, OMNIFLOOD, NEOS, KAZU, CITEA and AMPERA now light the different avenues and streets. The ALBANY AND VALENTINO LED are installed in the historic centre in keeping with the character.

Our team at Schréder STUDIO was also able to retrofit the existing BRENA fixtures with LED optics so the city could keep these cast iron heritage lanterns.

TERRA and BLOCO floodlights were installed to illuminate the numerous architectural sculptures and monuments spread around the city to bring them to life at night and revive the city’s heritage. 

A thoughtful lighting process

All of the luminaires were carefully installed to create a sense of safety and well-being. They deliver the necessary lighting levels of 20 lux in pedestrian areas while minimising intrusive light to comply with the Spanish Royal Decree 1890/2008 of 14 November. They carefully direct the light to exactly where it is needed, eliminating any light spill into homes and wildlife habitats.

Thanks to a bright white light, with a high CRI of over 70, the luminaires show the true colours of the different landscapes, enabling people - especially tourists who do not know the city - to move around safely and efficiently. They also ensure a high level of visual comfort so people can also sit and relax in complete ease on the many squares throughout the city once the working day ends.
All of the luminaires have been fitted with NEMA P7 sockets so they are ready to be connected to a smart control system in the near future.

Cost-saving LED lighting solutions

As a result, the new lighting has reduced energy consumption by more than 75%, generating significant savings for the city and lowering its carbon footprint.

The robust design of the luminaires and the long life span of the LEDs will considerably extend maintenance operations, saving time and more money while minimising disruption for residents.

The city is delighted with the new energy-efficient lighting that has transformed the nocturnal landscape of Castellón, creating a safer, more vibrant and sustainable environment for both residents and tourists.

Castellón de la Plana


Castellón de la Plana Council